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DHEA Promotes Sexuality in Aging Women

DHEA Promotes Sexuality in Aging Women

It’s never too late to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life. Did you know that DHEA has nearly 1,000 studies showing beneficial effects for women’s sex lives in their golden years?

Media attention usually goes to men when it comes to sexuality, yet 75% of women in the famous SWAN study noted that sexual function is moderately to extremely important to them.

Turns out, DHEA, a steroid hormone, readily promotes sexual function yet levels of DHEA drop a whopping 80% from ages 25-75. However, studies consistently show that DHEA can be restored to more “youthful” levels just from supplementation without unpleasant side effects!

Desire, Arousal, and More!

A study measuring desire, arousal, and lubrication in 216 postmenopausal womenshowed addition of DHEA over the course of 12 weeks showed improvements such as:
  • 49% of participants increased sexual desire
  • 68% experienced heightened arousal and sensation
  • 57% noted less dryness during intercourse
  • 75% had more orgasms!

If you’re heading into midlife or later and still want to feel great and maintain your sex life, know that thousands of other women manage this transition successfully. Women with higher levels of DHEA had more sexual desire and pleasure regardless of relationship status.

DHEA Also Helps Ease the Menopause Transition

Participants taking DHEA also reported more ease in their menopause symptoms.  Researchers used the Kupperman score to measure symptoms including: hot flushes, tingling sensation (paraesthesia), insomnia, nervousness, melancholy, vertigo, weakness, muscle and joint pain, headaches, palpitations, and formication (a sensation like insects crawling over the skin).  Levels of DHEA increased steadily over the year-long duration of the study while symptoms eased dramatically. Pretty great news, eh!?