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Member Highlight: What Theresa Learned 38 Years Ago

Member Highlight: What Theresa Learned 38 Years Ago

Thirty-eight years ago, Theresa took her kids to the dentist. What seemed at the time a routine errand catapulted her into a lifelong curiosity about holistic nutrition.

Theresa’s dentist started her children on basic multivitamins. While that statement may elicit a “so what?” from many of our fair members, vitamin recommendations were few and far between during a visit to a Western doctor’s office back then.

“I always had recurring cavities as a kid and nobody said anything about vitamins,” Theresa recounted. “My parents always said it was hereditary, so I just kept going back to the dentist for drillings.”

Trading Suckers for Supplements to Build Strong Teeth

Her children left the dentist that day with much more than a quick drill to the tooth and a “Good job!” sucker. They left with important nutritional knowledge that her dentist’s MD buddies laughed at in town. But he knew that vitamins had helped him with his health immensely, and Theresa then witnessed the positive results in her children’s smiles.

“My kids’ permanent teeth came in so much stronger,” said Theresa. “They looked so healthy that the dentist took comparison pictures to show other dentists and patients!”

This simple trip to the dentist sparked an interest in holistic healing that Theresa still nourishes today at the age of 70.

Reversing Neuropathy with the Blood Type Diet

Theresa herself battles neuropathy in her feet, a condition that causes stinging and numbness. In her quest for alternative healing knowledge, Theresa was introduced to the highly popular Blood Type Diet by her daughter-in-law, a breast cancer survivor. The diet is based on research showing how different foods react in tests with different blood types. The diet steers different blood types to quite different foods.

Theresa, a blood type A, saw remarkable changes in her neuropathy once she began eliminating problem foods (like corn oil, processed sugar, and also various nightshade family members) from her diet.

“If I eat too much sugar, I get shooting pains from my toes to my knee caps,” she explained.

The Blood Type Diet has worked wonderfully for Theresa, but her deepest health struggle lies outside of herself.

“Grandma, I Just Can’t Help It”

Theresa has two grandsons, Mason, age 14, and Maddox, age 10, who battle a combination of autism and bad gastrointestinal issues every day. Theresa notes that while Maddox craves wheat and continually develops tonsillitis, Mason is constantly hungry for anything and everything in sight.

“Mason will say to me, ‘Grandma, I just can’t help it,’ when he reaches for his next snacks,” Theresa recalled in a shaky tone

Greatest Desire: Reversing Autism Through Diet & Nutrition

Theresa desires sorely to have the children blood typed, but a difference in opinion among their divorced parents has prevented it.

Maddox and Mason take a few supplements, like multivitamins and probiotics, but Theresa says she doesn’t get to see her grandsons often enough and wishes she could help monitor their supplement intake and diet more closely. She sees the potential to personalize their diets and explore the possibility of different “trigger foods,” yet she can only make suggestions from afar at this time.

Theresa read with interest our recent article on autism, with updates from Dr. Rodier and a re-run of one of Cindy’s blogs. She continues to do research – and hopes to find new ways to help her grandsons.

Gardening Au Naturel with Grandsons

An avid believer in consuming clean foods without additives, Theresa grows some of her own veggies in a modest home garden. Though she’s tight on space, she manages to grow carrots, green beans, and peas – and has taught her grandsons to pick and prepare them!

“So many children won’t ever see a working farm or know where their food comes from,” Theresa said. “I want my grandchildren to experience a different relationship with their food.”

Info & Minerals are Favorites from Cell Nutritionals

Over the years, Theresa purchased vitamins from several different companies, bouncing around to find the best prices and the most reliable information, and finally found us by chance.

“I was so happy to stumble upon your website because of the great information you share,” Theresa noted. “Your website is a great resource to add to my library.”

Currently, Theresa’s favorite products are Liquid Calcium – to keep her bones strong – and Potassium – to ward off chronic cramps and support heart health. She especially loves that Liquid Calcium contains D3 to help her body efficiently absorb the calcium.