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Our COO, Stephen Fason

Our COO, Stephen Fason

Stephen Fason, thrifty by nature, is known for keeping costs down in the manufacturing process, while maintaining high quality standards. He also stays abreast of FDA regulations for labeling changes. Stephen is responsible for product development and managing technology, including e-commerce and order management systems.  Stephen is ultimately known for his patient problem-solving abilities and for taking time to help members resolve Internet problems they are having. Stephen-Headshot-235x300

Favorite Co-op Products
Constant HealthSoothing GreensFish Oil, Heart Plus, and CoQ-10

Hometown & Now
Stephen grew up in Simi Valley, CA, playing tennis and riding horses. He has long called West Palm Beach, FL his home though and can’t imagine living anywhere else at this point.

Competitive pool, tennis, golf, scuba diving, and books on Kindle.

Favorite Pets & Animals
Stephen prefers cats over dogs, though he’s known to secretly be a real “softy” with dogs. As a diver, Stephen loves the colorful life underwater and thinks dolphins are very cool.

A Favorite Quote
“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”
–Mark Twain

For a more personal perspective on his role at Our Health Co-op, read Stephen’s interview.

If you are interested in contacting Stephen Fason, write to him at  stephen@cellnutritionals.com