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Constant Health Challenge Day 9: Learn How to Prevent Painful Aging

Uncover the 4 Traits of Cellular TOIL

Today’s step requires very little effort – all we’re asking you to do is read this newsletter and absorb the information. We all know that reading and learning strengthen cognitive function and help the brain forge new connections. So this one’s a double-whammy: boost your brain function while you learn how to boost cellular health and prevent painful aging!

Cell Nutritionals’ medical advisor, Dr. Hugo Rodier, uses a special term, TOIL, to help people understand the four core contributors to chronic disease:


  • TOXICITY— Every cell in the body excretes waste as part of natural cellular activity. If cells can’t eliminate waste products properly, they become toxic and cell signaling is disrupted. Up to 90% of cancers, diabetes, and obesity diagnoses are linked to environmental toxins. External toxins such as hormones, pesticides, and heavy metals that are ingested every day add to toxic loads and to problems in cellular function.
  • OXIDATION—Free radicals are potentially harmful reactive electrons produced by normal metabolic oxidation processes. When too many free radicals are present, they steal electrons from healthy atoms, causing oxidative stress that damages cells. Resulting oxidized lipids, sugars, enzymes, and proteins aren’t able to function properly, and instead become destructive waste products.
  • INABILITY to communicate—When cell membranes become irritated, they cannot communicate properly. Without normal cellular communication, hormones, neurotransmitters, and enzymes can’t organize body functions as well.
  • LACK of mitochondrial energy—Without proper nutrition, cells become sickly and the body is denied the energy needed for growth and repairs. With over six billion cells being constantly regenerated, good nutrition is required to support cellular needs for energy production.


How to Combat Cellular TOIL

The more toxins ingested and created metabolically, the harder cells must work and the more we need supplemental detoxification agents. The first key to preventing Cellular TOIL is proper diet. Dr. Rodier’s anti-TOIL diet focuses on eliminating processed, refined foods and sugars in favor of lean meats, fresh vegetables, and omega-3 rich nuts and seeds.

After two weeks of eating only these food groups, Dr. Rodier then recommends experimenting sparingly with fruits, grains, and legumes. Though rich in antioxidants and plant polyphenols, fruits are also high in disease-fueling sugars.



TOIL-Fighting Supplements to Consider

In addition to a proper diet, Dr. Rodier recommends a handful of detoxifying supplements to support your hardworking cells. Learn about Dr. Rodier’s Top 14 Supplements that everyone should take to fight cellular TOIL.

The Simple Scoop: If the thought of remembering to take 14 supplements everyday causes immediate anxiety, you’re not alone. Thankfully, there’s Constant Health Daily. Constant Health Daily contains proven amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, and more, as well as fiber and protein to boost your health and detoxify your cells in just one to two scoops. Find out more!


Health starts at the cellular level: nourish your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Thanks for taking today’s Step Toward Constant Health. Keep up the good work!

Remember, each time you check in with us on social media or write to us equals another contest entry for you! You can either upload a contest-relevant photo to Facebook using the tags Our Health Co-op and #constanthealthchallenge, upload a photo to Instagram using the tags @cellnutritionals and #constanthealthchallenge, or write to our Challenge coach Hillary (our marketing manager) at hillary@cellnutritionals.com and tell her about your progress and experience completing the different steps.