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About Us

About Us

Cell Nutritionals is committed to “nourishing cells for life.”  In our modern world, environmental toxins and poor diets cause hard-working cells to get out of sync, shut down or simply poop out prematurely. Helping cells reliably regenerate is the aim of everything we do.

Since 2002, we’ve balanced a few equally precious values:

Committed to independent lab testing for 100% of our new production runs, before we ever put products on our shelves. We have had to make tough calls and send some batches back to our manufacturers to be redone (annoying but necessary with a complex and variable supply chain). You can trust that if it’s on our shelves, it’s good stuff, promise!

Making health affordable by keeping things simple. Many low-cost providers scrimp on the quality of ingredients used in their products and never bother to test the final results. We pride ourselves on testing but also on using ingredients with integrity, and these things cost more. So how do we keep our prices so affordable? Quite frankly, it’s what we don’t spend on sales and marketing! We rely on our members, friends, and health practitioner allies to spread the word about our products and company.

Having fun in the process — while we stick to the straight scoop when it comes to nutritional science, we also like to be a little cheeky and believe in the healing value of humor (as well as love!). Did we just say “love?” Yep. It’s our secret weapon in this jaded age. Life can be plenty hard at times, so why not have a little fun–together?! This ethos comes from our Co-op history, and is as important today as ever. Got recommendations for us? Tell us!

Fast Company Facts

  • Founded in February 2002 and registered in the state of Florida.
  • Headquartered in Miramar, Florida.
  • Customers in all 50 states, as well as overseas.
  • Products are manufactured in the USA in Miramar, FL at Nutrition Formulators, a NSF GMP certified manufacturing facility
  • Secure shopping cart transactions through 3dcart.
  • Privacy Commitment (we never sell, rent, or otherwise share mailing lists).