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Customer Love Notes

Customer Love Notes

Every so often, we receive love notes from our members. They sometimes leave us rosy-cheeked, but more than anything, they remind us why we get up and go to work every morning.

We love hearing that we can brighten our members’ day just by offering a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, a cheeky nugget in a newsletter, or a discount that allows someone in need to get the supplements they rely on.

A huge ‘thank you’ to our members for being active elements of our wellness community, and for spreading the word about our products to your friends and family. It’s a pleasure to hold space in your lives!

Take a look at some of these notes of gratitude members have sent in over the years: 

“I love that you use the highest quality ingredients and test your products before they go on the market. I also Love speaking with Teri because she is a wealth of knowledge and helps me with my vitamin choices.”

“I like the quality, and price, but most importantly, I trust your brand!”

“What I value most is THE FACT THAT YOU CERTIFY THEM FOR CONTENT!!!! So many places are selling stuff that has no benefit or supplement in it!”

 “When I did my original research, I talked to your CEO and became convinced your products were excellent in their manufacture. By that I mean when your product says it contains 500 mg of a substance, then that is exactly what it contains. Unfortunately that is not the case with so many supplements bought elsewhere. When you combine that fact with the price you charge for the product, that combination just cannot be beaten–anywhere. Thank you for your excellent work.”

“TRUST is the number one reason I buy my supplements from you…WE FEEL LIKE FAMILY. SERVICE IS EXCEPTIONAL. PRICES ARE FAIR. We can recommend your products without reservation. THANK YOU”

“We take the probiotics and Heart Plus nothing comes close to those 2 products. They really work.” 

“Teri is a big part of why I use your supplements. She has helped me in the past and she herself is a ray of sunshine for my supplemental needs. I like her, have never met her in person, but I can tell she is a gem of a soul. Your prices are outstanding, quality is superb and I LOVE your info that comes by email. Keep it coming!”

 “Products are top quality, service is always friendly and prompt!! And, the way the descriptions are written they are easy to understand, positive and friendly. It is like a person I know and really cares about me, telling me what the product can do for me.”

 “The quality and length you go to, to obtain that quality and keep it superior; your prices are very very reasonable for the superior quality you offer; the extensive variety of different supplements that are always available; the short timeframes in obtaining your orders once they are placed; frequent specials although your pricing doesn’t really warrant offering specials.”

 “I am very happy with what I’ve ordered. Love the prices, and very much appreciate the energy of you reaching out to your customer to be informative and caring along with trying to sell them stuff.”

“That I can trust you to have the ingredients you say you have (hey, those independent tests go a long way), and also trust you not to have the ingredients you say you don’t have. Also that you do not have corn in your products. That is crucial for me as I am allergic to corn and many pills have that in disguised forms.”

 “I enjoy the email the co op sends out. I also enjoy a sense of humor. The co op seems upbeat. I like that. With the products and diet I am on, I have gained 11 pounds, all the pain I was experiencing in different parts of my body are gone, period. I have lost almost every wrinkle in my 64 year old face. I have excess energy now. I fish 3-4 times a week and my wife and I are always traveling. Enjoy riding my bike and working out with small weights. This is due to my supplements and diet I strongly believe.”

“Great quality for a fair price. Because I am only on Social Security I can not always afford to buy when and what I want, but I am still aware of getting the the absolute most and best for my money. I just have to wait some times for my next check. In this day and age I don’t know how you guys offer us so much for what you charge. Your customer service is the best there is. On the occasions that I have needed to ask a question concerning any of your products, It is such a pleasure to talk to a real live person that not only is knowledgeable but actually acts like they “give a damn”! I have recommended you to anyone I know and will continue to also. Thanks for all of your hard work!”

“I know the quality is something we can count on, the prices are wonderful, and the service is better than anywhere else we deal with online (who else, after all, has real people who show real love and caring for their customers).”