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Constant Health Challenge Day 5: Install Water Filters!

Your Tap Water May Contain Up to 80 Contaminants

Get out that toolbox; it’s time to play handyman and install water filters in your home! Water, as we all know, is absolutely vital to flushing toxins out of the body. Unfortunately, tap water is often ridden with unwanted pollutants, including minerals and chemicals that can harm and actually pollute your body. Some studies report up to 80 “regulated” contaminants that are found in tap water, which we all assume is safe for human consumption. At the top of this list are fluoride, chlorine, and arsenic.


Is Bottled Water Really Safe?

Bottled water isn’t necessarily free from contamination, either. Some companies deceptively label their bottled water as “spring water,” even though the water is just well water treated with chemicals. Plus, think of all the plastic bottles (often ridden with harmful chemicals too) that will be taken to the landfill as a result.


Protect Your Skin from Pollutants

And it’s not just your drinking water that should be filtered; cooking and bathing water make their way into your body too. Why risk any contaminated water when you can affordably filter your drinking, cooking, and bathing water?


Cautionary note: Your skin is the largest detoxifying organ in your body, but it also absorbs whatever it comes into contact with, so highly-chlorinated or fluoridated water can kick iodine stores out of balance (these chemicals compete with iodine in vital tissues in the thyroid, breast, and prostate) and cause a lot more problems than just dry skin.


Choose the Right Filter

All filters are not created equal! Click here to view Consumer Report’s water filter buying guide, which includes ratings on different brands. Teri and her husband use Waterwise filters in their showers and love them. Plus, they’re very affordable.


There you have it: water that will push toxins out of the body, not put toxins in the body (and just tastes better). Thanks for taking today’s Step Toward Constant Health. Keep up the good work!

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