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Dr. Rodier’s Tips for Healthy Aging + $50 Off Health Consultation Promo!

Dr. Rodier’s Tips for Healthy Aging + $50 Off Health Consultation Promo!

We all want to age as gracefully and painlessly as possible.  Promising headlines about prolonging youthful appearance, preventing disease, healing chronic disease, etc. can make it difficult to know what’s accurate and what’s a sales pitch and even which doctors are trustworthy and which are working to please insurance companies.

Dr. Hugo Rodier is a long-time friend of Cell Nutritionals and someone we deeply trust.   Dr. Rodier has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of decades of research on using nutrition to heal chronic disease and stave off premature aging.  He reviews 100 journals a month (so you don’t have to!) and shares his perspectives on all the latest research on his blog.

Dr. Rodiers Tips for Healthy Aging

We recently spoke to Dr. Rodier to get some tips about healthy aging. His advice, “diet is 90% of health.  Eat a primarily plant-based diet with some lean meats, and cut out soda, sugar, and processed carbohydrates.”  His book, Switching Off Chronic Disease, defines the root causes of cellular dysfunction and detailed nutritional guidelines for healing common chronic conditions.

Healthy Aging Starts with Constant Health & 5 Other Top Picks

For general wellness and treatments alike, Dr. Rodier recommends Constant Health Daily as a base to make sure the body can revive from slumps and then thrive.  If additional supplements are desired and appropriate, he recommends adding just 5 supplements so it doesn’t get overwhelming.

Dr. Rodier’s Top 5 Supplement Picks for Healthy Aging:

  1. Trace Minerals (electrolytes are required to prevent dehydration that contributes to deep wrinkling and also to support energy and concentration)
  2. Probiotics (to address overgrowth of bad bacteria, which wreak havoc on digestion, brain chemistry, and more)
  3. Veggie Enzymes (to support proper digestion of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, as undigested foods can cause mischief in the gut and especially if they leak out into the blood and are seen as pathogens to be attacked)
  4. Omega 3 oils (crucial to brain function, proven to support memory and learning, and also essential to reversing thinning skin while bolstering skin hydration and wrinkle prevention)
  5. B vitamins (folate, in particular, plays an important role in maintaining DNA integrity and detoxification, both of which influence telomere length and, thus, the likelihood of longevity)


Careful with Excessive Hormone Treatments

Dr. Rodier also warns, “Don’t fall prey to vanity traps like excessive hormone replacement.  Some docs give hormones and thyroid medicine to everyone who walks in the door.”  Excessive hormones, alas, can have nasty side effects like: heart problems, dependency, fatigue, adrenal gland issues, sugar problems, bone loss, and increased risk of cancer.

Fatigue & Thyroid Problems Resolved – Lifetime Client Created

One quite beautiful member, Lynda St. Dennis (55), is now a devoted Dr. Rodier fan.  Using the best of Western medicine, without the more harmful drugs from Big Pharma, Dr. Rodier helped Lynda heal a thyroid issue that was wreaking havoc on her system.  He tailored each treatment to exactly what Lynda needed, nothing more, nothing less – and she got better after many months of going downhill with more traditional medical advice.

Lynda enthuses: “We must be proactive. I think everyone should read Dr. Rodier’s new book as a way of getting started. I feel he really saved my life.”

Lynda became a lifelong client of Dr. Rodier’s when he helped her diagnose and cure chronic extreme fatigue that plagued her for almost a year.  At times, Lynda could barely get out of bed. She developed migraines, weird muscle cramps, confusion, incredible anxiety, memory issues, and more.  She returned to her physician over and over but he kept dismissing her symptoms.  He said she was “just aging” and sent signals to Lynda that she was making a big deal out of nothing.  Since Lynda’s symptoms began with a sudden onset of insomnia 8 years before, this physician only prescribed sleeping pills and didn’t investigate further.

Finally, after doing her own research, Lynda asked for a Complete Blood Count (CBC) test and a liver function test, which revealed that she had high levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).  The doctor gave her a prescription that did help to regulate her thyroid, but the pill was packed in gluten and casein (a protein in dairy), which Lynda has known allergies too.  In the short run she got a little better but the gluten and casein caught up quickly and Lynda was back in bed feeling worse than ever.  In utter despair, Lynda called her dear friend, Cindy, who recommended she go see Dr. Rodier.

High Blood Calcium Unnatural & Can Be Fatal

Dr. Rodier asked about Lynda’s diet, supplements, and tests she’d had.  He kept the interview brief and to the point, and then he said with great confidence, “we can get you better.”  “He earned my trust when he believed how fatigued I was.  He didn’t dismiss my symptoms as just aging,” rejoiced Lynda.  Dr. Rodier agreed with Lynda that extreme fatigue is not a normal part of aging. Dr. Rodier then ordered a basic metabolic panel, a standard test that can be requested as part of a routine health exam.  The test revealed high blood calcium, which Dr. Rodier noted is not only chronically underdiagnosed but also can be fatal within 20 years!

Healing Regimen of Nutrients

Dr. Rodier immediately put Lynda on a regimen of supplements to clean up her system and referred her to an endocrinologist for specialized support.

Lynda’s Supplement Regimen:

  • Probiotics to rejuvenate her gut
  • Curcumin to relieve inflammation
  • Vitamin D3 to replenish cells
  • B vitamins to detox
  • L-Tryptophan for sleep
  • Butterbur for migraines
  • GABA for anxiety relief

Discovery & Treatment of Thyroid Tumors

Meanwhile, the endocrinologist found TWO tumors that, while not cancer, were interfering with the function of Lynda’s thyroid.  The surgery was scheduled, the tumors were removed, and Lynda was back on her feet thanks to Dr. Rodier’s thorough and conscientious treatment and willingness to team up with a specialist to provide truly “integrative” care.  Well done Dr. Rodier!

Dr. Rodier’s Promotional Rate for Cell Nutritionals Members

Right now, Dr. Rodier is offering a promotional rate for new clients from Cell Nutritionals/Our Health Co-op.  Mention us and he’ll give you $50 OFF a 1-hour consultation (normal rate $200) or $30 off a 30-minute consultation (normal rate $110).

No need to head to Utah! Dr. Rodier conducts consultations over the phone. He’s also happy to work with groups, so feel free to round up friends and family and schedule a group consultation.  Make sure to write down lots of questions beforehand as Dr. Rodier has a vast knowledge of nutrients, conditions, and treatments; and you’ll want to learn as much as possible, so plan to take notes too!


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