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Fox News Climbs Aboard the High-Dose Vitamin C Train!

Fox News Climbs Aboard the High-Dose Vitamin C Train!

Our fair members have known about the many benefits of vitamins and minerals (including Linus Pauling’s famed high dose vitamin C treatment). Now, after years of fear mongering, the mainstream media may just be catching on. Fox News recently featured a story titled “Nine Supplements to Ease Pregnancy Complaints”.

In the story, they reference the work of orthomolecular physician and author, Dr. Helen Saul Case. Dr. Case recommends high doses of vitamin C to alleviate constipation, backaches, leg cramps, prevent postpartum hemorrhages, cardiac fetal distress, shorten labor and reduce labor pain.

Linus Pauling stood his ground on vitamin C for years against attacks from the mainstream media. But those in the know, like our lovely members, drew inspiration from his work and learned to look out for their own health. Other physicians followed suit, like Dr. Klenner, who pioneered research on vitamin C’s role in supporting pregnancy.

“Observations made on over 300 consecutive obstetrical cases using supplemental ascorbic acid, by mouth, convinced me that failure to use this agent in sufficient amounts in pregnancy borders on malpractice. The lowest amount of ascorbic acid I used was 4 grams (4,000 mg) the highest amount 15 grams (15,000 mg) each day.” – Dr. Klenner

If you or someone you know is having a baby or planning on having one, send them this article and get them started on their vitamin C regimen.