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How to Fortify Your Immune System Before Fall

With the beautiful leaves and crisp air that characterize the fall season comes a new crop of seasonal allergies and the prospect of cold and flu for many.  So how does one strengthen the immune system in anticipation of the upcoming seasonal shift?

Thankfully, there are variety of actions people can take to keep their immune response in appropriate balance. While experts vary in terms of what they suggest, here are four sensible recommendations that most all agree upon:

1) Get plenty of sleep. When we are sleep deprived, one of the first things that tends to suffer is our immune system. Eight hours of sleep is preferable and less than six hours of uninterrupted sleep time can start to erode your body’s ability to defend itself. (This kat highly recommends day naps as a nice way to catch up, following those nights when you didn’t quite get enough time with the mattress.)

2) Eat Plenty of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit. The body’s first line of defense is a proper diet. Fruit and vegetables (especially greens) contain many of the natural vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients our bodies need on a daily basis to stay healthy.

3) Engage in regular exercise. Walking, stretching, running, strength training, yoga… there’s an abundance of choices. So choose the ones that work best for you and then “do it” to quote the famous shoe commercial. Regular exercise, at the proper level, not only strengthens muscles, creates flexibility, increases circulation, and improves moods and sleep, it is a vital process that can reduce stress and help the body rid itself of toxins.

4) Get plenty of antioxidants.  Unfortunately, our modern diets often leave us lacking in some of the vital aids that can support our well-being. Supplemental supplies of vitamins D, B6, A, E, and C are all important immune boosters that can help your body fight off the bad guys and keep your defense system in a healthy state of balance.

So there you have it, four easy steps to keep you healthy and enjoying the beautiful fall weather.