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Linwood Paul: From Serious Staph Infection to Super Healthy In Early 60’s

Linwood Paul: From Serious Staph Infection to Super Healthy In Early 60’s

Linwood Paul, a very active male in his early 60’s was diagnosed with a serious staph infection – contracted while in the hospital only briefly for a minor surgery.

Staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, germs often found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals. Usually, these bacteria cause no problems or result in relatively minor skin infections.

But staph infections can quickly turn deadly if the bacteria invade deeper into your body through a cut or surgical wound, thus entering your bloodstream, joints, bones, lungs or heart. Quite healthy people are developing life-threatening infections due to methicillin-resistant types of staph, which is often referred to as a “super bug.”

Linwood’s treatment was intensive and scary, with loads of antibiotic combinations killing not only the staph bacteria but also his friendly bacteria. He said, “My insurance company dropped me at the time, even though my premiums were on auto-pay because treating this kind of infection costs hundreds of thousands of dollars – more than $800,000 in my case!” It took a year of negotiation but Linwood was reinstated and his bills were finally paid. Looking back, he just counts himself “lucky” to be alive.

Blood Pressure Issues At The Same Time

At the time, Linwood also had some issues with high blood pressure. His doctor wanted to prescribe medication. Concerned about the potential side effects, Linwood opted to explore natural alternatives, including diet and nutritional supplements.

Rebuilding His Immune System With Diet & Nutrition – A Surprising Strategy!

After treatment, Linwood decided to take a serious look at what it would take to rebuild his immune system after taking so many antibiotics. He originally learned aboutCell Nutritionals products and about Constant Health as an immune and digestive system formula. Linwood devised a strict months-long diet of Constant Health shakes (blended with fresh fruits and vegetables) as virtually his only nourishment. Okay, we admit this is a bit extreme and not something we would necessarily recommend. However, in this way, Linwood eliminated salts, fats, and alcohol, helping his blood pressure drop and test well within the normal range. Bravo, Linwood! As importantly, he felt “renewed” after his unusual idea for a “cleanse.”

International Insurance Required Rigorous Medical Testing – For Sailor’s Life In Puerto Rico

With a medical history of having had a serious staph infection, Linwood had to re-apply for international medical insurance after moving to Puerto Rico for part of the year with his partner, Janina (they spend the other part of the year in upstate New York).

After rigorous testing, Linwood qualified for this insurance, passing with flying colors. He was overjoyed, feeling like his body’s clock had been turned back many years. He added, “We have a sailboat that I have done a lot of the work on myself, and my golf game has never been better. It’s a good life!”

Combining Constant Health & Heart Plus On 1400-Mile Motorcycle Trip!

Linwood recently rode his motorcycle from Miami to Montreal, a distance of 1400 miles. He said, “Heart Plus Powder and Constant Health shakes provided consistent nourishment and kept me sharp with my eyes on the road.” He emphasizes that “flavor, ease of blending, and no chalky taste” make it easy for him to recommend this combination to all his friends.

Specializing In Outdoor & Adventure Assignments – Sustained Energy Required

If you want a quick idea of what Linwood does for a living, think “Outward Bound” types of outdoor games and experiential learning challenges. His work can be vigorous and require intense attention to prevent injuries or mishaps. Many times, Linwood has found himself in especially remote outposts around the world, without access to desirable or healthy foods. Intent on protecting his immune and cardiovascular health these, he considers his daily shakes his “personal insurance” for surviving on less-than-healthy hotel foods.

Skyscrapers, City Parks, Desert Sands & Tropical Waters – No Offices Or Suits For Linwood!

Whether teaching executives to navigate their fears up on the top of skyscrapers in Los Angeles or helping disadvantaged youth take turns leading exercises in the parks of South Central Los Angeles or assessing civil servants for leadership positions in the desert sands of the Middle East, Linwood’s passion is for helping people learn about themselves in the context of challenging teamwork assignments.

His next gig? St. Croix, where he will be teaching executives using sailing assignments! Pretty cool life for a 60-something guy who almost went down for good with a serious staph infection, don’t you think? If you want to write to Linwood, drop a line here.