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The Budwig Protocol for Healing Cancer Naturally

Before you proceed to reading any further, please know that not everybody reacts the same to this or any other treatment, and that in any healing diet or protocol one may undertake, one should never underrate the often amazing power of the Mind, i.e. the placebo or belief effect, as well as the influence of the emotions and energetic and spiritual factors on both the disease and healing process.

Here are five important pieces of advice before we start:

1. If you do decide to follow the Budwig diet & protocol, give it a fair try, meaning that you follow Dr. Budwig’s instructions to the letter for a while such as at least 1 to 3 months, and then see how you or the patient fares. Dr. Budwig’s instructions are very strict and include no supplements apart from brewer’s yeast flakes (and possibly plant-derived enzymes for fat/protein digestion, with herbs in their natural form also being ok), daily fresh ground flax seeds etc. etc. You can read up on all the details on this site and her genuine books.

Apart from the possible placebo effect she exerted (as any healing professional who instills confidence in his patients), Dr. Budwig heavily insisted on her instructions being closely followed since she believed that only in this manner, success could be reached.

Don’t get misled by self-proclaimed “Budwig diet experts” or a self-styled “Budwig center” who combine her basic flax oil/cottage cheese with a regime of their own making rather than with Dr. Budwig’s real protocol, claiming to thus “reinforce” the Budwig diet. While such regimes may well be effective against cancer and other diseases, they are a far cry from what Dr. Budwig recommended (for more details and warnings see Oil-protein diet: on self-appointed “Budwig experts” and fake Budwig books misleading cancer patients). Remember that while it is true that much of the conventional cancer treatment approaches is about business (compare On Cancer Business & the Cancer Industry), so is much in the “alternative cancer treatment” field (compare Negative experiences in the alternative cancer treatment field).

2. Healing Cancer Naturally considers minerals and trace elements and the ubiquitous lack of them a major player in cancer genesis and healing, see Minerals. The fact that so relatively few of those who undertake the Budwig protocol today seem to report dramatic success when compared to the near 100% success rate claimed by Dr. Budwig who started treating patients decades ago, might (apart from non-compliance with her instructions) also be related to the reported significant decline in mineral and trace element (as well as vitamin) content in today’s foods, caused by soil depletion and inorganic husbandry. So an important piece of advice would be to look for and incorporate naturally rich sources of mineral and trace elements in your diet. More inexpensive sources are, apart from organically grown foodstuffs, particularly seaweeds which I highly recommend adding. Seaweeds among other things contain high levels of iodine which reportedly has anticarcinogenic (toxic to cancer cells) and cancer-preventative properties (more at seaweed).

3. Detoxify in a healthy way (i.e. don’t become obsessed with any uncleanliness or toxicity you may suspect in yourself while still striving to get rid of most obvious sources of “filth” in yourself and your environment). See Detoxification.

4. The Budwig diet already prescribes the daily ingestion of quark (cottage cheese) and sauerkraut juice both of which are lactic-acid fermented foods. Judging by another successful cancer researcher’s results with cancer patients, the little-known but truly outstanding Dr. Dr. Johannes Kuhl who based his approach primarily on lactic-acid fermented foods and supplements (see Lactic-acid-fermented food treatment for cancer according to Dr. Johannes Kuhl), this part of the Budwig protocol may be one of the decisive pillars and reasons for its effects. So Healing Cancer Naturally advises the liberal addition of lactic-acid-fermented foods and drinks in the diet even beyond what Dr. Budwig may have explicitly recommended to further enhance your chances of healing.

Incidentally, both Dr. Budwig’s and Dr. Kuhl’s approach are featured under Greatest Hits, and virtually all modalities listed there are fully compatible with Dr. Budwig’s protocol while having obtained cancer remissions as a stand-alone treatment as well.

5. Lastly, but in fact most importantly, Healing Cancer Naturally advises following one’s intuition, spiritual guidance or whatever name you may wish to call it as you travel along your journey to health and healing. A beautiful example has been set by Dr. Nancy Offenhauser who wrote a book about her experience called Healing Cancer Peacefullly (Dr. Offenhauser did not use the Budwig approach – as you may or not be aware, there are numerous non-conventional ways which have been used to heal from cancer).


An Introduction to Dr. Budwig’s Diet, Fats, Essential Fatty Acids and More

The basis of Dr. Budwig’s diet or protocol is the ingestion of a special oil-protein mixture in the form of organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil plus cottage cheese or “quark” (a dairy product readily available in German-speaking countries made from various types of milk and roughly similar to cottage cheese), to balance an oversupply of omega 6 fatty acids and hydrogenated fats in the Western diet and to provide an immediately available abundant supply of essential omega 3 acids. Of all plant oils, flax oil is the richest source of these omega 3 acids (naturally occurring variations not considered, 100 g of oil contain 72g of polyunsaturated fatty acids, 54g of which are omega 3 acids). This oil is combined with protein (or more precisely, sulphurated amino acids** such as liberally found in quark/cottage cheese) to allow the highly unsaturated fatty acids to become water-soluble, thus bypassing the need for an (often) diseased or impaired liver to break down the unsaturated fat by its own efforts.

Quote: “The lipotropic protein connections, e.g. Cystein, as they are found in … cottage cheese or nuts are able to make water-soluble the …highly unsaturated fatty acids in seed oils. And that is what matters. When you mix together … cottage cheese and linseed oil in your blender the fat becomes water-soluble” and thereby immediately available for use by the body. In this manner, the necessary “spark plugs” are provided for cells to “breathe”, optimally detoxify and function, even more so when additionally combining the flax oil cottage cheese mix with an optimised sugar-free diet devoid of respiratory poisons [substances which inhibit cellular respiration] but containing much raw organic food (compare excerpts from Dr. Budwig’s Flax Oil As A True Aid and Nutrition page).

Dr. Budwig’s diet (which, when properly applied, is an entire protocol and involves not only ingestion of the above oil-protein mixture, but also a healthy minimally processed vegetarian diet, freshly ground flaxseeds, sunlightstress management“Eldi” oils, etc.*, has literally pulled people back from death’s doorstep. Based on this evidence and its ease of implementation, it may be the quickest and easiest move to take for many stricken with a cancer challenge and/or those who are looking for an often fast-working approach to health recovery. In fact, eminent alternative & conventional cancer treatment researcher Lothar Hirneise considers Dr. Johanna Budwig’s protocol the indispensable nutritional basis of any healing plan for cancer patients.
* Compare Complementary therapies Dr. Johanna Budwig recommended and endorsed.

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s proposed diet and basic protocol IS easy to implement in daily life (see Dr. Johanna Budwig: The practical implementation of my oil-protein diet), and for “how-to” details on the Budwig diet, start with Making the Flaxseed Oil plus Cottage Cheese or Quark Mixture. Budwig Linomel Breakfast Muesli RecipeOleolux RecipeQuark-Flax Oil Mayonnaise Recipe as well as the very extensive Budwig Diet & Protocol FAQ I have written and compiled from authentic Budwig sources including the 14 original German-language books by Dr. Budwig).

We’d also like to refer you to Dr. Johanna Budwig’s available English-language books, with some people expressing particular appreciation for her oil-protein cookbook. One comment reads: “I have found that one of THE MOST VALUABLE, yea NECESSARY items one should get for following the Budwig diet is Dr. Budwig’s ‘Oil Protein Cookbook.’ It demystifies all kinds of things for you, and has OVER 500 recipes in it to make sure [you] will be getting all the things Dr. Budwig wanted her clients to get in their diet.” I too believe it is essential for anyone “serious” about implementing the Budwig diet with the aim of healing from serious disease such as cancer to at the very least own Dr. Budwig’s inexpensive oil-protein cookbook. It would seem best to also read her book “Flax Oil as a True Aid” and to make sure to share these books with others, both to possibly help them prevent and heal from serious disease.