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Top Health Concerns for Women

While men and women share a vast number of similarities, it’s the differences that make life together interesting and, at times, challenging. Part of what makes each gender unique, of course, are how the biology and life demands differ. And with those differences come unique health challenges. To give you a more specific sense of how those differences play out, here are a few statistics to consider on three top health concerns of women in today’s modern world:

1. Heart Disease

Believe it or not, heart disease is the number one cause of death in North American women! An estimated 485,000 women in the northern continent die of heart disease and strokes each year, which is more than twice the number who die of all forms of cancer combined. Crazy, eh? Especially since heart disease is considered one of the most preventable forms of chronic disease.

What this means

Taking care of your ticker isn’t just minding your cholesterol levels and fatty food intake. Hearts require specific nutrients to function optimally, and while most folks know about our Heart Plus, here are a couple other power nutrients you may consider.

  • Fish or Krill Oil: DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a naturally occurring fatty acid the body utilizes for neurotransmission. Heart tissue, with its constant neurotransmitting requirements, has up to 30 times more DHA than any other omega-3. While all omega-3s may help lower blood fat such as triglycerides, and raise good cholesterol (HDL), DHA specifically helps regulate heart rate, support normal blood pressure levels, and improves blood flow through the arteries.
  • B Vitamins (Folate): Likewise, folate (found in our B Vitamin Trio) has shown to help keep homocysteine levels in check. Found in the blood, homocysteine irritates blood vessel walls, increasing inflammation associated with the underlying cause of heart disease – atherosclerosis. Eerily, even if your blood cholesterol is low, you could be at risk for heart disease if homocysteine levels are high.

2. Cancer

One in three women will develop cancer in her lifetime. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and second to lung cancer as the leading cause of death for women.

What this means

Keeping cells healthy and replicating normally is paramount in avoiding dangerous cell mutations. Dr. Rodier uses a special term TOIL, to help people understand the four core contributors to chronic disease: Toxicity, Oxidation, Inflammation, and Lack of optimal mitochondrial energy. Click here to read more about Dr. Rodier’s theory and learn how to neutralize cellular TOIL.

3. Depression 

Depression is the leading cause of disability in women, and it’s estimated that 1 in 5 women will experience some form of depression over the course of her life.

What this means

Mental and physical health go hand in hand – especially mental and intestinal health. Studies continue to confirm that intestines rife with inflammation and bad bacteria can negatively impact moods and mental health. In addition to providing your belly with high-nutrient, fresh foods and plenty of antioxidants, support your intestinal health with gut-friendly supplements like Fiber Fit and probiotics.

So, ladies, pay attention to the health problems known to affect women and bolster your body with the proper nutrition it needs to thrive!