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Treating Fatty Liver Disease with Nutrition

Proper Detoxification Vital to Reversing Fatty Liver

Helping the liver detoxify better is not often addressed in our health care system. Specifically, fatty liver is often left untreated, despite its epidemic status. The main thing to do for your liver is to stop eating refined foods, and avoid chemicals as much as possible. This may include some prescription drugs.

In my opinion, the most practical way to assess liver function is to check your serum ALT levels, which is easily done in any clinic. Liver function impacts all aspects of our health, including cardiovascular health. This excerpt is yet another confirmation that cholesterol problems stem from poor liver processing of fats:

“In conclusion, [this] work … makes an important contribution to the increasing body of knowledge about the relationship between NAFLD (fatty Liver), liver inflammation, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular risk. It suggests that ALT may be useful as a biomarker of an elevated risk of early atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease in individuals without commonly recognized lipid and metabolic abnormalities. It also highlights a distinction that serum ALT within normal limits may not necessarily translate to a healthy heart…We advocate viewing ALT as a quantitative test with which degrees of liver inflammation and excess cardiovascular risk may be gauged on a continuous scale, rather than as a simple tool to make a dichotomous judgment between health and disease.”

Supplements for Supporting Liver Function
If you wish to supplement liver function I recommend alpha lipoic acid (broccoli), N-acetyl cysteine (amino acid), and milk thistle. All three are glutathione precursors.