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Vitamin D3 Vital to Strong Bones & Nutrients in Eggshells for Joint Pain Relief?

A Whopping 77% of Bone Fracture Patients Test “Low” in Vitamin D!

While the importance of vitamin D3 for bone health is well known, about half of American adults are nonetheless deficient in the essential nutrient. So the message bears repeating: Vitamin D3 (along with calcium and vitamin K2) is vital for strengthening bones.

After studying fracture patients for one year, researchers from the University of Missouri found an even more drastic connection between vitamin D3 levels and bone health: 77% of orthopedic trauma patients had low vitamin D levels. While a lack of vitamin D3 contributes to brittle bones and can increase a person’s risk of fracture in the first place, it can also derail the healing process.

At the end of the study, doctors on the research team began prescribing vitamin D3 to all of their bone fracture patients to prevent recovery complications.


Young & Old People Alike “Deficient” in Vitamin D (50% of U.S. Population)

Another interesting finding of the study was that age was irrelevant; patients young and old all lacked vitamin D3. Though vitamin D3 levels in the blood decline with age, a recent study points to the increased consumption of non-dairy milk as one reason behind juvenile D3 deficiency. Producers of milk alternatives – like almond, soy, and rice – are not required to fortify their products with vitamin D3 like cow’s milk producers are. As a result, dairy-free families are missing out on a hefty helping of vitamin D3 unless they opt for fortified versions of non-dairy milk products.

Other studies have shown that children may need up to 10 times the amount of vitamin D that is recommended. Clearly, the call is to up your vitamin D3 intake, regardless of age. A recent study suggested that vitamin D3 is so crucial to our bones and biological processes that vitamin D3 supplementation should start at birth to ensure blood levels are high enough (around 75ng/mL) in growing children.


Boosting Vitamin D3 Might Just Scare Away the Blues Before You Can Say “Boo!”

With less and less sunlight in the days ahead, don’t forget to supplement with vitamin D3 to keep your bones and joints happy and also support goods moods in as few as five days if your vitamin D levels are low.


Eggshell Membrane Found to Reduce Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

No, this isn’t a Halloween trick, but before you go running to your refrigerator and start crushing up eggshells, let us break down why this odd remedy is proving useful in treating osteoarthritis symptoms. Spoiler: you don’t have to eat eggshells or take eggshells supplements to reap joint benefits. Whew!

Researchers discovered that after supplementing with 500mg of eggshell membrane for just 10 days, 30% of subjects with osteoarthritis pain experienced relief. By the end of the 60-day study, a whopping 75% of participants reported a significant reduction in chronic joint pain.

Eggshell membrane supplements, which contain fibrous proteins including collagen, are thought to work by reducing the pro-inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1 beta and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-a).

Here’s the part that interests us: Eggshells contain moderate quantities of the nutrients glucosamine and hyaluronic acid. Scientists have proven the joint benefits of glucosamine and hyaluronic acid for decades, for everything from reducing pain to supporting joint strength.

So if taking eggshell supplements seems a bit odd, you can get the same relief by stocking up on glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and collagen builders like vitamin C!


Animal Therapy Reduces Need for Pain Meds
Animals have an undeniable ability to put a smile on even the grouchiest grouch’s face. Forging an animal-human connection can have an incredibly positive effect on stress levels and even aid in medical recovery.

Researchers from Loyola University discovered that simply spending time with animals reduced the need for pain medication in patients recovering from a total joint replacement. Patients who were visited by a therapy dog for just five to 15 minutes per day were 28% less likely to take oral pain meds than those who received no animal therapy. You might want to revisit the idea of getting a little furry friend…they’re a whole lot more fun than pain meds. Pretty cool info for our pet lovers, eh?!


Joint & Bone Protection & More Made Easy: Constant Health Daily
Members old and new absolutely love our new Constant Health Daily formula that packs an impressive punch when it comes to protecting bone and joint health when you take 2 scoops daily.
Two scoops is the amount we recommend for people “over 50” who are either not good about taking a range of supplements or who prefer a drink mix over swallowing many pills). Here are a few quick highlights:
  • GreenGrown® Glucosamine 1,500mg & MSM 1000mg for Joint Protection – GreenGrown Glucosamine is a vegetarian form of glucosamine, known for promoting joint comfort, while MSM supports not only joints and collagen but also cellular detoxification and a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Vitamin D3 at 2,000IU and Calcium at 340mg for Bone Building. Vitamin D is critical to calcium absorption, and most multi-vitamins are woefully low in Vitamin D3 (the natural form our bodies need). Add 8 ounces of milk or yogurt or fortified rice milk to your morning drink and you’re at the maximum amount of supplemental calcium recommended in one meal.
  • B-6 Boosted Dramatically to 50mg for Joint Comfort & Strong Bones – B-6 at 50mg per 2 scoops is highly associated with joint comfort because it helps suppress pro-inflammatory cytokines; B-6 also  brings additional benefits in metabolism of carbohydrates and more. While some of the “stinky” Bs were toned down to multi-vitamin levels, our new formula retains the higher levels of the brain-boosting, liver-detoxifying, and homocysteine-fighting “B Trio” — B-6, B-12 and folic acid.
  • Vitamin K2 at 50mcg in Meniquinone-7 Form for Strong Bones & Artery Health – Vitamin K2 is the most bioavailable form and helps deliver calcium to your bones and teeth instead of letting calcium deposits accumulate in your arteries and soft tissues (psst…that’s how vitamin K2 helps keep arteries elastic!).
  • Boron boosted to 10mg to Build Bones, Muscles & Sexual Health Too – This little mineral offers a lot of boom boom boom by supporting healthy hormones, vitamin D3 levels, and even cognition and learning as well as strong bones and joint comfort. The trouble is that it’s hard to get enough boron in most modern diets. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference.
  • Taurine at 400mg for Better Blood Flow & Eye Health – Okay, so taurine is not a major joint or bone builder, it is better known for supporting eye, heart, and liver health. It’s part of making Constant Health Daily a great all-around formula.
  • Turmeric at 250mg with Ginger at 50mg – While these potent botanicals are not new, these are valuable joint protectors.
Get the full scoop by reading our Constant Health Daily White Paper.