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Member Highlight: Planning Her Funeral at 39

Member Highlight: Planning Her Funeral at 39

When Dani Froundijan was 39 years old, her doctors told her to start planning her funeral. She was diabetic and obese, and a premature stroke had her doctors preparing for the worst. With a three-year-old daughter to care for, Dani knew she had to do something drastic to change the fatal path she was on.

“My father died of cancer when I was young and never made it to my high school graduation,” recalled Dani. “I knew the hurt I felt from not having him here, and I was determined to be here for my daughter.”

Eating More to Lose Weight

Dani went to several traditional doctors to help with her weight problems and diabetes, but to her dismay, none of them believed her when she told them she was dieting and not losing any weight. Desperate to find a solution, Dani started doing her own research.

“I found out I was eating the wrong food, my body was deprived of protein and nutrients,” Dani explained. “Now I eat six small meals per day, I have a lean, organic protein in each, and I’m not starving anymore!”

Swapping Finger Pricks for Supplements

In addition to her dramatic weight loss, Dani decided to go cold turkey on her diabetes medicine and instead see what holistic supplements could do for her insulin levels. After taking several supplements including cinnamon, magnesium, and vitamin C for one year, her insulin and blood levels tested in the normal range. Her doctors were astonished.

Finding Her Passion for Holistic Healing

Today, Dani is 56 and thriving as the owner of a laser hair regrowth clinic in Temecula, CA. During her quest for a healthier life, Dani found herself enrolled in a naturopathic medicine school simply to learn to be healthy naturally.

Soon, naturopathic healing became Dani’s all-consuming passion. As a byproduct of her weight and diabetes issues, Dani had been rapidly losing hair and began exploring the nutritional science behind her issues.

Though she often gave advice to friends, the thought of running a business aligned with her interests never crossed her mind until a friend suggested the idea to her.

“Oh wow, I thought, everyone already comes to me for help, could I really practice my passion, help people, and make a living?!”

A Comprehensive Approach to Hair Regrowth

Dani’s practice goes much deeper than laser treatments. Dani builds comprehensive three-pronged regimens for her clients, recommending supplements and diet plans entirely tailored to the individual.

Dani describes her way of practicing as a lifestyle overhaul. “It all has to work as a triangle: diet, supplementation, and laser treatments. One without the other two just won’t work.”

A Full Head of Hair in 9 Months

One client’s distressed wife found Dani’s clinic online after spending $33,000 on a failed hair transplant for her husband. When he came to the clinic, his hair was barely growing. In 9 months, by combining cold laser treatments with supplements and non-clogging hair care products, Dani restored him to a full head of hair.

“In a surgical transplant, they place follicles on top of each other, which restricts blood flow,” Dani explained. “Think of a plant – if you don’t have healthy dirt and proper sunlight, it’s not going to grow.”

Let Your Body Do the Talking

Dani sees the bigger picture when it comes to hair loss. With so many chemical pollutants in our food and water supply, hair follicles can get clogged and become dormant because they aren’t getting the nutrients they need to grow. When our hair starts to thin or loose lustre, Dani explained, it’s an indication that something else is going on in the body.

“By treating the core of the problem, proper nutrients and proper eating, and then adding laser treatments and non-toxic cleansers, my clients reverse their hair loss.”

The laser light stimulates the hair follicle in a non-invasive procedure. 98% of her clients experience successful hair regrowth after properly following Dani’s three-pronged plan.

Dani’s Hair Regrowth Plan

When we spoke with Dani, she gave us some insight into the type of hair regrowth routines she puts her clients on. Here are some tips straight from Dani herself for growing your hair and regaining your health.

  1. Supplementation: Although Dani tailors supplement plans to each client, she recommends the following nutrients for healthy hair: MSM, magnesium citrate, iodine, vitamin D3, vitamin B6, biotin, fish oil, and vitamin E with mixed tocopherols. If clients are insulin resistant, Dani adds chromium picolinate and cinnamon.
  2. Hair Care: After the cold laser unclogs hair follicles, Dani urges clients to use toxin-free hair care products. She suggests starting with clarifying shampoos and conditioners for the first three months. Then use alcohol-free, sunscreen-free products and stay away from most oils unless entirely botanical like coconut oil or Moroccan oil. Dani recommends DS Labs, Energizer, and Moroccan Oil brand products.
  3. Diet: Dani recommends eating small meals several times a day. She emphasizes lean, antibiotic-free proteins and fatty acids as important for supporting healthy, lustrous hair.

Dani’s parting tip? “Expensive doesn’t mean it works! If there are ingredients on any label you don’t understand, put it back on the shelf!”

Bringing the Cell Nutritionals to Her Clients

A good friend interested in naturopathic healing recommended our products to Dani years ago, and she’s been a loyal member ever since. Like our company, Dani cares deeply about her client’s ability to afford quality supplements, so she carries our products in her clinic!

“We do so because we can have complete faith in the ingredients and the ethics behind the products. By making supplements immediately available to my clients, I know they are taking the right stuff and I love to pass on the affordable prices to them.

Dani’s passion for helping her clients target the root of their hair loss issues and relieve stress holistically truly inspires us. As Dani so exceptionally put it, “Destruction is easy, but building health requires discipline.”

Here’s to Dani – for having the courage to successfully take on both diabetes and entrepreneurship (let us just say “wow” and “yay!”) and for helping clients regain their self-esteem while restoring better health (from hair follicles down through the rest of the body).

Want to get in touch with Dani? Visit her website to learn more about comprehensive hair regrowth.