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Our Members

Our Members

Unearthing Our Roots: Interviews from Our Health Co-op Days

Surprisingly often, we come across members with extraordinary stories to tell. Some are battling health problems, some are savvy wellness enthusiasts or knowledgeable medical professionals, and others purely awe and inspire us with wisdom and compassion. From every walk of life and countless corners of the globe, these members teach us about loving life through constant health in a way that hard science simply can’t.

Nathan Bales – Long-time Member and Bodyworker

Theresa Brown – What Theresa Learned 38 Years Ago

Dani Froundijan – Planning Her Funeral at 39

Gino Giglio –  From Broadway to Bodyworker

David Gonnerman – Surviving Near-Fatal Stress

Andrea Sparoff & Scott Ferguson – Members, Artists, & Cool Californians

Karen Tracy – One Yogi’s Path to Loving Life through Constant Health

Janae Weinhold – Psychologist, Author & Humanitarian