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Quality Testing

Quality Testing

When Cell Nutritionals began 10 years ago, we made a significant commitment to (and investment in) independent laboratory testing and worked with a variety of labs (in four different states) searching for the right company. After a thorough vetting process, we found several key independent labs that provide the level of serious scrutiny, consistency, and transparency we demand.

Here are some things our labs had to say about lab testing in general:

  • Many companies do not test at all (common knowledge in the industry)
  • Companies that do test, tend to test every fifth or sixth production run, once they establish a track record with a supplier
  • Companies doing testing typically select 10% of the ingredients in a product (to test blending) and selection of which ingredient to test is random, after completion of a production run (i.e., the contract manufacturer or manufacturing organization does not know which items will be tested)

Right now, we’re doing a lot more than just industry standard testing — to maintain our track record as serious players with respect to quality (our members count on us for their health, so quality is non-negotiable!). That’s why we test every batch of every production run to ensure quality and potency.