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Magnesium Citrate, 160 mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Size: 7C
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Magnesium Citrate helps maintain heart, vascular, nerve and muscle function.


  • Maintains the heart muscle as well as the nerves that initiate the heart beat.
  • Helps sustain healthy bone density: Magnesium is involved in calcium transport by converting vitamin D into a form that increases calcium absorption.
  • Helps carbohydrate metabolism: supports healthy insulin levels.
  • Relaxes all types of muscles.
  • Supports healthy pre-menstrual cycles.
  • Supports healthy blood pressure already within the normal range.

Product Information

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Magnesium is an essential element for normal body function. There are over 300 different enzymatic reactions that involve magnesium. This mineral is necessary for every step of a cells energy-creating process, nerve activities, vascular function, and bone formation (to name a few).

Perhaps surprisingly, magnesium is found in your bones (55%), in muscles (26%), in tissues (18%) and in your blood (a small 1%).

Meanwhile, there are decades of scientific information demonstrating that magnesium is safe and helpful in supporting cardiovascular, musculoskelatal health as well as helping to maintain healthy insulin levels.

One primary enzymatic activity of magnesium is its influence on the vascular system. Your vascular system consists of copious amounts of blood vessels (arteries and veins), which are continually pushing blood through your body. Each time your heart beats, it forces much of the blood into the arteries, and from there, arteries and veins are on their own. They are lined with smooth muscle. This muscle contracts and expands pushing blood through the vessels.

There are many factors that influence this smooth muscles activity, but at the forefront is magnesium. Magnesium is critical to expanding muscles and opening up the blood vessels. Conversely, another important mineral, calcium, constricts the blood vessel and therefore increases blood pressure.

With two important minerals at odds with each other when it comes to blood vessel contraction and expansion, it is important to keep magnesium and calcium in balance. What happens when they are not in balance? Hypertension.

If the concentration of magnesium decreases while calcium increases, vessels contract longer and your blood pressure goes up.

Other common problems can occur when these minerals are out of balance—such as migraine headaches.

Migraines occur when the blood vessels of the brain act erratically. The large brain blood vessels are dilated and the small vessels are constricted. Research has found that patients with migraines have low magnesium levels in the brain's blood vessels.

Magnesium in easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules offers a wonderful source of bio-available magnesium and allows our members the ability to open the capsule and add it to a shake or other meal.


  • For best absorption, take magnesium with a meal and ensure intake of vitamin B6 and vitamin D in your daily dietary supplement.
  • Magnesium can be taken throughout the day; however, a final dose at bedtime may increase absorption. Magnesium also helps to relax and calm the body, allowing better sleep.
  • The elderly are at increased risk of hypomagnesemia.
  • The elderly are more prone to decreased magnesium absorption, increased urinary loss, and disease states associated with abnormal magnesium status.

Customer Reviews

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Magnesium Citrate (Veg caps), 160 mg

Excellent value for this necessary mineral.

Neil T.
Magnesium Citrate

Use to keep heart strong

Michael H.
Great Product

Very Happy

Rottie Mom
Great service, as usual....

I''''ve been with Our Health Co-op since day 1, and have always been happy with the products and speed of delivery.

Felix Mosso
Magnesium Citrate (Veg caps) , 160 mg,120 Veg. Cap

I take magnesium because of reading that ithelps maintain more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body including with benefitial effects on blood pressure, glucose metabolism, bone formation. Also I read that it helps with migraine headaches