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Heart Plus Powder BACK IN STOCK

During our annual Summer Sale that ran from end of August through early September this year, products simply flew off the shelves. Heart Plus Powder, however, did more of a speed-of-sound, rocket ship launch. We know our members love a good sale, and love Heart Plus, but the crazy amount of Heart Plus Powder leaving our warehouse warranted an investigation.

Teri fished around for the source of the Heart Plus Powder madness and finally found her answer: A new men’s health author released an eBook that recommends our Heart Plus Powder as part of a shake that helps…hmm…how can I put this delicately… let’s just say a man’s hydraulics & happiness. 😉

Looks like we have quite a few new members (ahem, male members) to welcome to our close-knit community of wellness enthusiasts. We’re very flattered by the author’s nod, but we must say we were not expecting such a huge run!

UPDATE: We just received a new shipment of our wildly popular Heart Plus Powder! So yes folks, we’re back in stock! Time to load up the cart and check out!