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Member Linwood on Heart Plus & High Energy

Linwood, 61, has been a member of the Co-op for almost 10 years, since he started getting high blood pressure.  His doctor prescribed medication, but Linwood was concerned about potential side effects.  So Linwood decided to do only a vitamin regimen including Constant Health and Heart Plus for six weeks.   After six weeks his blood test numbers came down to a healthy range.

Linwood happily shared the info about his success with his doctor but the doctor didn’t get it.  The doctor was concerned that he wouldn’t know what Linwood was taking if he deviated from the prescriptions and had side effects.  But Linwood never had any side effects from taking vitamins.

A life coach and world traveler, Linwood became eligible for International Major Medical Insurance thanks to testing well on health metrics.  As a result, he was able to move to Puerto Rico where he sails and golfs 3 times a week.

Linwood’s motto: “Drink Constant Health for fuel and eat for fun”

Linwood is so dedicated to his health that he once lived on Constant Health for six months.  While traveling in Abu Dhabi with the Department of Civil Service, Linwood found that he couldn’t eat the local food.  He had a very demanding schedule, training 50 people a week, and couldn’t risk getting sick.  So he decided to live on only Constant Health for the whole six months and he felt great the whole time.

Linwood likes to mix Heart Plus with his water on long motorcycle rides to help keep him energized over long distances.  One recent trip stretched from Miami to Montreal.

One thing Linwood loves about Heart Plus and Constant Health is their tasty flavor.  He likes to mix them together, or with fruit to change up the taste.  He enjoys the ability to dial in how much he wants with the powder, rather than having to take a whole pill.

Now Linwood has just as much energy and vitality as ever.  We thank you Linwood, for your dedication to your health, and for sharing your inspiring story.