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Member Jessica Loves Constant Health & Her Dog

We spoke recently to member Jessica, late 20s from California, about her love for Constant Health. As a lacrosse coach, nature enthusiast, and zen practitioner, she’s passionate about taking care of her body. As a vegetarian, she had a hard time finding a protein source that tasted good. She complains that other powders taste chalky. Since a friend introduced her to Constant Health a year ago, Jessica’s hooked.

“The rice protein powder is amazing! It gives me the minerals and vitamins that my body needs in place of meat. It’s not only ‘I need it’, but it tastes delicious! Thank you for creating this!”

Since taking Constant Health, Jessica notes that her moods are more level, her metabolism has increased, and her neck is not as stiff.

Jessica’s success with Constant Health turned her on to other Cell Nutritionals products. She recently began taking Fish Oil and Magnesium. She also started taking Heart Plus 3 months ago. She learned that Lysine can help with cold sores. Jessica used to suffer from chronic cold sores. They’d pop up anywhere from once every two months to several times a month. Her coffee habit compounded the effects since the acidity in coffee depletes nutrients. Since she started taking Heart Plus, Jessica hasn’t had a cold sore.

Jessica works as a Program Manager at a non-profit putting together physical and health education programs for children. Jessica is passionate about her work because it makes her feel in touch and grounded in something deeper. “What I’ve learned from Cell Nutritionals is definitely informing my work.”

We thank you Jessica, for taking your health to the next level and inviting us to participate in your journey.

In her free time, Jessica loves to play in nature, go to the beach, and hang out with her best friend in the world, her dog Ellie bear (pictured).