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Pet Photo Contest Winner: Buddha Cat

This month’s pet photo contest winner is Nanook, a gorgeous white cat belonging to Bambi.  Bambi is a life coach in California who has been a Cell Nutritionals member for about a year.  She discovered Cell Nutritionals from Bill Henderson’s book when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After a lumpectomy and lymphectomy, Bambi stopped radiation a year ago and just uses supplements.  A year later she’s feeling great.  Her blood work tests are coming back clean and she has lots of energy.

Bambi follows Bill Henderson’s protocol, which includes vitamin C, turmeric, vitamin D, and green tea extract.  She also follows the Budwig diet, takes a multi-vitamin, and avoids refined sugar, processed foods, dairy, and flour.  She uses a Kangen water machine to drink alkaline water.

“Nanook is very supportive.  Our favorite thing is to snuggle, whether it’s on the couch watching TV or at night, but he loves to be petted and loves being on laps.”

Nanook has been one of Bambi’s best friends since she rescued him in 2008.  Nanook originally belonged to an older mom who had to move into a nursing home.  Unfortunately, Nanook was left locked up in a garage for six weeks until a member of the community rescued him.  Bambi adopted him when he was six years old.  Now at 14, he’s just as spry as ever.

Nanook’s affectionate demeaner helps Bambi stay positive.  “Attitude is huge in this process.  You have to stay positive.”

As a life coach, Bambi believes that illness comes from being inauthentic to our heart and soul calling.  She recommends paying attention to your dreams as they can hint at things going on in your body before they register on medical tests.

Thank you, Bambi, for sharing your lovely photo of Nanook and for sharing your story. Bill Henderson will be sorely missed but his spirit lives on in all the lives he has touched.  We’re very grateful that you found him and that his guidance has benefited you.