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Member & Musician John Tercyak Muses About Cinnamon

Member & Musician John Tercyak Muses About Cinnamon

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We love hearing from our members, especially when there’s unexpected music involved!  Enjoy this lovely Christmas song from our loyal customer John Tercyak of Maine. He recently contacted us with a question about our cinnamon and sent along this song as a holiday gift. You can hear much more of his music on his website www.johntercyak.com.

After receiving his sweet email, we just had to contact John to hear more about his passion for music and journey in health! John became interested in natural modalities of healing back in the 1980’s when he first learned about the benefits of vitamin C. For years, John struggled with an annual episode of pneumonia. Finally, a physician suggesting trying high-dose vitamin C supplementation to bolster his immune system. It’s been over 25 years since John started taking vitamin C, and he hasn’t been sick since. We think Linus Pauling would be quite proud of John’s commitment to making vitamin C an abundant nutrient in his body! John also loves our Ginger, Joint Complex, Eye Protection, Green Tea Extract, and Fiber Fit for maintaining a balanced digestive system and healthy, happy cells.

In addition to sending us his lovely holiday tune, John’s emailed us to ask about our cinnamon source. A fan of cinnamon’s ability to help regulate blood sugar levels, John did some research of his own to uncover the most effective strain. Currently, our cinnamon supplements contain Cinnamon cassia, the most commonly consumed strain the in U.S. John wondered if we would be interested in carrying a different strain,Cinnamon verum, a more expensive strain that some people prefer to other strains. Studies on the use of cinnamon to help regulate fasting blood sugar levels have shown that both varieties of cinnamon may be effective when incorporated with other treatments. While Cinnamon cassia is generally regarded as the most effective strain, Cinnamon cassia contains a substance called coumarin, which can act as a blood thinner in high doses and may interact with some insulin medications. Cinnamon verum, on the other hand, does not have coumarin. Both have been shown to help lower the body’s negative response to high fat meals.

We’d like to know where you stand!  Would you be more inclined to use Cinnamon as a supplement if it was Cinnamon verum or Cinnamon cassia?

Write to us and tell us what you think – we love getting questions and feedback from our members and staying on top of the latest nutritional science research out there!