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Nourishing Your Pets with Proper Nutrition & News from Our Friends at The Humane Society

Our Members are Big on Showing Their Pets Love!
How come humans always get the first nod when we talk about optimal nutrition? Our furry friends deserve just as much nutritional TLC, especially when it’s up to us to feed them the good stuff! These stand-out members are top-notch pet parents in our opinion. Check out how they set their pets up for happy, healthy lives:

“We have Basenjis, and we have Manx cats too, but this is about our special Basenji named Angel. Angel has a genetic disease called Fanconi Syndrome, which affects the kidneys and makes it difficult for her to absorb nutrients properly. Many nutrients are simply rejected by the kidneys in dogs with this disease. If not discovered very early on, Fanconi can be deadly. The main need is to add bicarbonate back into the system, but it’s also important for her to bulk up on amino acids, potassium, manganese, cranberry, and other vitamins and minerals. All of these we get from Our Health Co-op. I know these are pure and contain exactly what the label says! So here is to a long life for our four year old Basenji girl who should live to be at least 15 years old! Thank you so much. We love all your products!”
– Marj

“My pets get…a daily capsule each of Joint Complex, Milk Thistle & Cranberry! When my cocker spaniel/border collie mix, Alice, was diagnosed with bladder stones and a pretty severe UTI, I decided to be very proactive and change both of my dog’s diets radically. I now feed my pets a raw diet (Give Your Dog a Bone by Ian Billinghurst & Optimal Nutrition by Monica Segal are excellent resources about this). Because of Alice’s bladder stones, I added cranberry supplements to her diet to keep her urine pH down, and milk thistle to provide liver support. Both of my rescue dogs are extremely agile and have been given your Joint Complex since the day I got them. They are healthy and in wonderful condition! My vet is very happy with the quarterly blood & urine checks that we are doing to monitor their health. Our Health Co-op’s WONDERFUL quality and price make it possible to keep my furkids on these great supplements! Thanks, Our Health!”
– Roxanne, Alice & Mont

Pretty cool stuff, huh? Take note animal owners: your furry friends need your help to live long, happy-go-lucky lives! Don’t know where to start? Check out this general info on how to supplement your pet’s diet.


A Sweet Note From Our Friends at the Humane Society

To celebrate the launch of The Way of the Cat last February, we promised to match any donations of $1 or more to The Humane Society. You came through, we matched your donations, and our furry friends across the country received some much-needed funding!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we received this super sweet note from the Humane Society thanking us for matching our members’ generous donations.

We want to extend that warm ‘thank you’ to our beloved members, for having such full hearts and donating so generously to a wonderful organization. We hope your Valentine’s love carries over into the days, weeks, months, and years ahead. Happy season of love!

Here’s what they wrote: