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Talks with Teri: Alpha Lipoic Acid Best with R + S Forms Together

Talks with Teri: Alpha Lipoic Acid Best with R + S Forms Together

Member Tony wrote us to say, “I wish you would begin carrying R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. It’s more readily absorbed by the body than just regular Alpha Lipoic Acid. It’s always more expensive but I know you guys would offer it at a good price, just like your other products.”

What a great question! We agree with Tony completely on this topic yet there is more to the story. Years ago research supported that the R Lipoic form is more stable when paired with the S Lipoic form. We actually have both R and S forms of Lipoic Acid in our product.

R-lipoic acid is a mirror image of the S-lipoic acid. Most Alpha Lipoic Acid formulations have the mixture of the R and S forms. While the R-lipoic acid is the naturally-occurring form and is absorbed better (40-50% more absorbable than the S-form), the R-form is very expensive AND it is fairly unstable, making it difficult to work with and potentially unreliable in supplements.

As it turns out, one of the best ways to stabilize the R-form is to include it with its mirror S-form in a mixture! Incidentally, the mixture is the form that has been used in research studies. Dollar for dollar, you get more R-lipoic acid in the mixtures. Strange, but true!

Our thrifty members appreciate our commitment to keeping up with science and looking out for their pocketbooks at the same time. Stock up on our Alpha Lipoic Acid,which offers 300mg in each capsule. And, know that this is one of Dr. Rodier’s favorite supplements for helping cells detoxify and supporting sugar processing in the body.