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Talks with Teri: DHEA Keeps Your Manhood in Order

One of our fair members, Mr. Washburn, called Teri to tell her why he’s been taking DHEA for many years.  He said, “Honey, do you know what it’s good for? It keeps my manhood in order.  I’m four score and four years old. I’ve got a new girlfriend coming to visit. I have to get everything locked and loaded.”

Teri confessed to having to double-check on “four score and four years old.” Yep, that translates into 84 years old but sounds a heck of a lot more poetic, don’t you think?! We’re always happy to hear from our members, and we especially love hearing from our feisty octogenarians about what keeps them healthy and happy! Love to Mr. Washburn and his new girlfriend!