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Talks with Teri: Tip for Members with Alzheimers

A couple weeks ago we shared a story of one of our members who asked us to stop taking orders from her husband as he has Alzheimer’s.  Member Diana sent us this touching note:
“My husband also has dementia and I took away all of his credit cards the very first time he ordered something that we didn’t need.  My suggestion to the commenter is to view things like credit cards, car keys, email accounts, and internet access as OPEN WINDOWS for unsavory and self-serving individuals to slip into your lives and cause financial damage to you.
I also have all outer doors keyed on both sides (no inside latches), so that my husband doesn’t open the door and invite a total stranger into our home.  My husband, because of the dementia, now has the mind of a small child and needs my full and diligent protection.”
 Thank you, Diana, for sharing this helpful tip. It’s greatly appreciated.  Many households need the wisdom and support from shared experiences in a community, especially when health challenges interfere with daily life. Best wishes to you, Diana, and anyone working through a similar challenge.


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