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The Health Benefits of Eating Avocado Seed

The Health Benefits of Eating Avocado Seed

Member Jessica turned us on to this little nutrition tidbit.  If you’re like most people, you throw away the seed of the avocado and go straight to the smooth green goodness.  Turns out, you’re missing out on a lot of nutrition doing that.  The seed makes up 70% of an avocado’s nutrition.  It’s high in fiber, has twice as much potassium as a banana, is loaded with vitamin B6, healthy fats, and antioxidants.  Plus the oil in the seed helps build up the collagen in skin cells, promoting smooth healthy skin.


Prep this baby by either drying it in an oven, dehydrator, or windowsill.  Then chop it up to add to a smoothie, or grind it to a powder to store for later.  Half a seed is enough for a smoothie.  It can also be grated to add to a sauce or a seasoning.

How do you like your avocado seed? Send us your recipes to guido@cellnutritionals.com and we’ll share in our newsletter.