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The Nutrient-Dense Drink Mix That Makes Staying Healthy Easy

Nutrition can be hard, but we want to prove to you that it really doesn’t have to be. In this information overload age we live in, we’re constantly being pelted with articles and social media posts about natural supplements for every ailment on the planet, and while it’s true that researchers are discovering new benefits to natural supplements every day, the sheer volume of wellness opinions can be overwhelming.

One of the questions our friend and integrative physician, Dr. Rodier, hears most in his clinic is “What supplements should I be taking, and in what amounts?”

As if it isn’t hard enough to find out what supplements to take and how much to take, add on actually remembering to take your supplements and you’ve run into a major roadblock on your journey to wellness.

Sadly, the task of weeding through nutritional information is so overwhelming to some that they simply sweep their nutritional needs aside. We heard your despondent sighs and responded with a simple and oh-so-tasty solution: Constant Health Daily!

Watch the video below to learn about Constant Health Daily’s unique blend of 41 essential nutrients in pre-measured amounts. Our gluten-free formula is built on gentle rice protein base and contains less than one gram of sugar and just 94 calories per scoop. Plus, the French vanilla flavor is seriously delicious!

Ready to give it a try? Here are a few of our favorite Constant Health Daily smoothie recipes to get you started: