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The Reason We Go Out of Stock & Why It’s Worth the Wait

It takes time to create quality, plain and simple. We know it can be frustrating when we go out of stock on an item, and we fully understand that many of you depend on our supplements to keep you healthy. It is for that exact reason – keeping you healthy – that we sometimes go out of stock.

Let us explain: Adulteration, the practice of adding unlabeled ingredients to supplements (whether intentional or not), is widespread in our industry. It’s a sad, but true, saga of supplements tainted with cheaper alternatives or fake additives that consumers are blind to.

Sure, it’s expensive to run testing (which is why many companies don’t), but it’s the only way to verify that the ingredients we list on our labels match the contents of each capsule.

Here’s the simple reason why we go out of stock on an item: Sometimes we receive test results that we’re unhappy with, so we reject the batch (see, we told you it was simple!). There’s no such thing as “good enough” when our members’ health is on the line. Often, a rejection can cause a back up in manufacturing, forcing us to go out of stock until we receive new product that passes all its tests.

We hear your frustrations and know it can be hard to wait, but more than anything we want you to feel confident that every supplement you swallow contains exactly what we promise.
It’s an old-fashioned way of doing business, and in today’s market diluted by hucksters, it might not be the best way to make the big bucks. But, it does allow us to sleep incredibly well at night knowing we’re providing an honest service. Can other companies say the same?