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Why We Ditched Our Probiotics 16 for Probiotics AR

A few weeks ago, we passed along the information that we’ll no longer be carrying our Probiotics 16 formula.

As expected, there have been a few folks that were less than thrilled to hear the news. We know, we know, some of you are a bit resistant to change, but hear us out before you shut these little acid-resistant capsules out!


To keep you all in the loop, we wanted to relay why we made the decision to scrap Probiotics 16, and it all comes down to quality, efficacy, and member feedback.

Members Report Better Results with Acid-Resistant Capsules
People with chronic belly complaints say they notice a big difference between Probiotics AR and our old Probiotics 16 supplements.

While the old formula contained the same quality-tested live bacteria as Probiotics AR, the delicate ingredients were not protected by acid-resistant capsules. That means that at the exact moment they entered the mouth, the digestive process began.

Because probiotics are fragile little bugs, the digestive process can sometimes get in the way of their target path, causing them to release too quickly. While you do want the capsule to release its insides eventually, friendly bacteria do the most good when they’re released further along the digestive tract.

With Probiotics AR’s acid-resistant capsules, the digestive process can’t touch the friendly bacteria because the capsules stay intact until they reach the intestines – that’s 52-72 minutes after ingestion!

Ultimately, we go with what is giving the most benefit to the most people, and in this instance, it’s Probiotics AR. Since we introduced Probiotics AR to our members, sales have steadily increased. Sales of our Probiotics 16, however, have continued to fall.

Instead of taking our health cues from trendy blogs and superfood crazes, we follow the latest nutritional science research and listen to our customer’s anecdotal experiences to decide what products we carry. Take it from us, listening to customers is always a good idea!

We know it can be a bummer when one of your favorite products kicks the dust, but we urge all the Probiotics 16 fans out there to give Probiotics AR a try – we have a feeling you’ll be sayings “Oh, now I get it!” in no time.