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5 Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen, the food of the young bee, is approximately 40% protein and contains almost every single nutrient required by humans, making it a true “superfood.” About half of the protein is comprised of amino acids, contributing to bee pollen’s status as an energy-booster and all around health-supporter. Because there are some elements of bee pollen that remain undetectable even by the most advanced scientific equipment, bee pollen cannot be synthesized in a lab.

While bee pollen has a lot to offer, it’s quite difficult to gather and assimilate into pellets.

Consider this: One teaspoon of pollen takes one bee working eight hours a day for one month to gather. A single pellet contains over two million flower pollen grains!

So as you read the benefits below, give thanks to the hardworking bees who play an integral role in creating so many nourishing foods for us to consume.

  1. Boosts energy and vitality – The B vitamins, proteins, and more found in high doses in bee pollen are thought to improve energy levels. By warding off fatigue and keeping the mind steady and focused, bee pollen supports overall vitality.
  2. Supports healthy immune function – If taken for an extended period of time before exposure (about six weeks), bee pollen is thought to help relieve allergy symptoms. It does so by exposing the immune system to small doses of environmental allergens, thereby stimulating the production of antibodies and strengthening the body’s natural defenses. This technique of boosting immunity is known as “desensitization.”
  3. Stimulates metabolic function – Bee pollen has been found to stoke the metabolic fire to speed up the body’s ability to process calories. It is also celebrated as a natural appetite suppressant due to its phenylalanine content.
  4. Helps maintain healthy skin – Bee pollen contains several micronutrients that contribute to a beautiful outer glow. These moisturizing compounds are thought to help diminish signs of aging, reduce the presence of acne, and support radiant, nourished skin.
  5. Stimulates proper digestion – Enzymes are necessary to help the body break down food and extract the proper nutrients for absorption. Bee pollen contains several digestive enzymes that support digestion from start to finish. Plus, bee pollen also plays a role in ensuring the health of the intestinal flora, which, as we all know, is absolutely vital to digestion.