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Eye Protection Now Formulated with Standardized Bilberry for Quality Assurance

There are a lot of eye health products on the market that combine lutein and zeaxanthin, but unfortunately most of them stop at those two ingredients.

While those are great antioxidants for supporting healthy eyes, we amp up the protection even more by adding taurine, an amino acid with huge anti-aging benefits, and bilberry, a botanical thought to support healthy eyesight, especially night vision.


Why We Switched to Standardized Bilberry
We’ve always had bilberry in our unique Eye Protection formula, but due to several reports on the widespread adulteration of non-standardized bilberry, we recently decided to make it even better by switching to a standardized bilberry extract. Although we test every batch to be sure our products contain exactly what the labels claim, standardized bilberry is backed by several research studies as a consistently higher quality extract.

Sadly, there are unscrupulous suppliers who will mix in less expensive berries or synthetic ingredients to fool testing and consumers. In one instance, Australian scientists detected the use of synthetic azo dye to mimic the dark red-blue color of the bilberry fruit in one non-standardized commercial extract. Yikes!

To ensure the highest quality and potency possible, we have opted to go with a more expensive European source that has been standardized to 36% anthocyanins. By utilizing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), our new source assays the anthocyanin content and compares the fingerprint against reference standards to verify authenticity. With the new standardized extract supplying 10 mg of anthocyanins, Eye Protection now has 5 to 10 times the active ingredient of our previous formula.

We want no part in shiesty manufacturing processes, whether deliberate or accidental. That’s why we keep one finger on the pulse of the research world, and another on the anecdotal experiences of our customers.

We always watch how our products work through rigorous testing, and then we listen to our members opinions before ever putting a product on our shelves.


The Benefits of Taurine Extend Far Beyond the Eyes
Taurine is a non-protein amino acid concentrated in the retina of the eye. While it plays an important role in photoreceptor activity, it is possibly better known for its ability to support cardiovascular health. While taurine is abundant in the hardest working cells of most healthy bodies (like heart and nerve cells) vegans and vegetarians are particularly at risk for low taurine levels.

In fact, some of the populations with the longest average lifespan around the globe also consume higher amounts of taurine, on average. Taurine is also thought to strengthen heart muscle cells, promote longevity, and fight oxidative damage throughout the body!


Lutein Beadlets Offer Optimal Delivery & Absorption
A few months ago, we revamped the formula for the first time to contain lutein in a beadlet delivery system for better absorption. While our previous formula included organic and non-GMO 100% pure lutein extracted from the petals of marigold flowers in powder form, our current Eye Protection contains lutein beadlets instead. Two capsules give you the same potency and dosage as our old formula, but the delivery system is far superior.

Why are beadlets better? Beadlets are more stable than powders in multi-ingredient formulations, meaning they will protect lutein against anything that could lessen its effectiveness, like dramatic temperature changes or general loss of potency over time.

Carotenoids like lutein are relatively unstable molecules that can break down even during the manufacturing process. Beadlets erase the potential for manufacturing errors and improve the supplement’s shelf life. In fact, lutein beadlets are often used in functional foods that need to withstand high temperatures in the oven (think cereals, granola bars, and crackers) to maintain the carotenoid’s strength.

So there you have it, several reasons why our Eye Protectionis the best on the block. Stock up on this amazing eye-supporting antioxidant now!