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Talks with Teri: The Skinny on Coconut Oil

Member Jamie, requested that we discuss coconut oil in our newsletter. It has been blasted in the media for having high levels of saturated fat; however, it has some noteworthy health benefits.  Coconut oil’s particular makeup of fatty acids is harder for our bodies to convert into stored fat and easier for them to burn off than most kinds of saturated fats. Studies on people who consume extra virgin coconut oil vs soybean and olive oil showed healthier blood lipid levels and waist circumferences in the groups that used coconut oil.  It’s also been credited for balancing levels of Candida albicans, a normally-friendly gut microbe that can potentially enter the blood stream if it grows out of control.

Stick to extra virgin coconut oil, as this is unrefined unheated form of coconut oil. Avoid hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils of any kind as the hydrogenation process contributes to the buildup of trans-fats in the body which wreak havoc on our health.