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New Client Discounts for Dr. Rodier

Sometimes members ask us questions that we can’t ethically answer as we aren’t healthcare practitioners.  We do however have an ace in the hole with our beloved Dr. Rodier. He generously offers us his time and insight in recommending products and keeps us posted on developments in the health profession, like his recent blog post about the connection between gut and joint health.

He doesn’t just go out of his way for us though.  He’s here for members too! Dr. Rodier offers promotional rates for new clients from Cell Nutritionals and Our Health Co-op. Mention us and he’ll give you $50 OFF a 1-hour consultation (normal rate $200) or $30 off a 30-minute consultation (normal rate $110).  He’ll even answer simple email questions for as little as $20.

No need to take a chance on an unknown practitioner! Dr. Rodier conducts consultations in person, over the phone, and by email. He’s also happy to work with groups, so feel free to round up friends and family and schedule a group consultation. Make sure to write down lots of questions beforehand as Dr. Rodier has an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrients, conditions, and treatments; and you’ll want to learn as much as possible, so plan to take notes too!  Also check out his book, Switching off Chronic Disease. Member Mike, our kirtan teacher featured in this week’s sale, raved about the benefits he got from Dr. Rodier’s book.

(801) 898-3317